Warm Bodies (book)


If you haven’t read the book stop now

Ok someone help me. I finished reading Warm Bodies a few days ago and I have literally no one to discuss it with. I was wondering if anyone thought Julie’s mom is still alive or rather still ‘walking the earth’ as a zombie? And….I think she might have been R’s zombie wife. I have some clues as to why its her but there’s a few holes in my theory.

Alright, R’s wife was dressed as her describe, like a receptionist with a nametag.

Then at the end of the novel a zombie with a nametag was walking up to the wall of pictures and was staring at one of a man and a woman with a little blonde hair girl at a waterpark.

And earlier in the story Julie was telling R how her parents would take her to a waterpark. Also that they didn’t have her mom’s body so they buried an empty box. I just don’t know why though, if it is Julie’s mom, she would be in business attire with a name tag.

Anyway, I only read the book once. I’ll probably read it again. I wasn’t really piecing these clues together till got to the very end and maybe I’m missing something important that implies it’s not her. I know Isaac Marion announced he is writing a sequel so maybe that could be a big part of the story?

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